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September is Ethics Awareness Month

“The final proof of a manager and the final demand on management is integrity, a moral soundness in business dealings that tests steadfastness to truth, purpose, responsibility and trust.”

-William Walters Jr., CPM®, 1971 IREM® President

Professional ethics is the cornerstone of IREM – and member adherence to the IREM® Code of Professional Ethics is what sets us apart! Owners, employers and clients should know that IREM® Members are bound by this strictly enforced code, giving members credibility and trust that the competition just doesn’t have. Make sure you are doing your part as an IREM®
Member to spread the word!

Here’s what you can do:

  •  Download a copy of the newly released Real Life Ethics Case Study (Second Edition) report at to read about cases that have gone before the IREM® Ethics Boards, find out about common pitfalls, and learn tips to avoid violations of the Code.

  • Download a copy of the IREM® Code of Professional Ethics at and display it proudly in your office.

  • Be a word of mouth ambassador and let others know that IREM® Members stand apart because of our Code! Share what IREM® Ethics mean to you – post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or by using #IREMethics on Twitter or Instagram.

  • Support your local IREM® Chapter in their ethics awareness initiatives.

  • Take advantage of these opportunities and reaffirm your commitment to ethics. Questions or comments? Let us help – contact